Our Cause

We believe that every dog and cat, no matter their age, medical need, or behavioral issue, deserves a wonderful forever home. These animals need extra love — and will give it back a thousand times over. We know that if potential adopters knew about these special animals, they would welcome them into their homes.

Core Paws is a 501c3 non-profit organization that advocates for the underdog. We rejoice and stand up for senior animals. We know that special needs and animals with behavioral issues are some of the most joyful and grateful animals around. Core Paws helps find adopters to give these animals the beautiful lives that they deserve. Our website showcases hard-to-place animals in rescues and shelters across the nation.

Adopting an animal showcased on Core Paws means a happy tail wag from a 12-year old dog who had lost his owner. It’s a purr from a cat who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease and requires medication for the rest of her life. It’s a trusting approach from an animal who used to fear the world.

For financial supporters of our cause, your involvement makes the difference for every animal who has not had it easy, and who deserves a loving family. We could not continue our efforts without the support of our generous animal-loving community.

For rescues and shelters, partnering with Core Paws brings your animals into the spotlight. Join us in finding your hardest cases the perfect forever homes.

And for volunteers, Core Paws allows you to feel a part of this movement from wherever you are in the United States. We are 100% volunteer run. Join our team of over 50 volunteers across the nation working together to find loving homes for hard-to-place animals. Our Virtual Volunteer Program is top of the line and we can’t wait to meet you.

Watch our mission video by clicking here.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Kara Hamada

Kara Hamada, Founder & Executive Director

“I believe that all animals deserve unconditional love, no matter their age, special need or behavior issue. The right family is out there for every animal, and I pledge my skills to help find them.”

Although her career is in Digital Marketing, Kara has a passion for animal rescue. She has been volunteering with animal shelters since 2011. In a chance encounter, Kara met an adoptable kitten, Abbott, who was continually overlooked for his heart issues and special medication needs. In the end, he was adopted by a couple whose son also had the same heart issues. It was in that moment, that Kara knew the right family was out there for every animal, even the hardest to adopt cases. They were just a bit harder to find. She created Core Paws to address this need and to bring awareness of hard-to-place animals in rescues and shelters everywhere. Her love for all animals keeps her happily motivated to help as many as she can. Her rescue cat, Mitzi, is a daily inspiration.

Kelli Olson

Kelli Olson, Board Director

"I believe every animal deserves a forever home. You never know the meaning of unconditional love until you adopt an animal, especially one with a special need. Just like people, no animal is perfect, but they all deserve a chance to shine."

Kelli is a licensed attorney with experience in corporate law and intellectual property. Kelli is originally from Montana and grew up surrounded by animals. At an early age, she started training and showing both horses and dogs and her love for animals only grew. Today, she is the proud owner of two canine kids, one with special medical needs and the other with special behavioral needs, and she could not imagine life without either. She is a true believer that every animal deserves a forever home.

Appu Chalamalachetty

Appu Chalamalachetty, Board President

“I believe that every animal, regardless of age, special needs or special behavior, deserves a home in which they are accepted, loved and cherished. Animals bring so much love and joy into this world and I want to help spread that love and joy by bringing together animals and their humans around the world.”

Appu is a financial and business analyst with a background in accounting and information systems. Appu discovered her love for animals after adopting two puppies, an English bulldog and an English bulldog/Pitbull/Boston terrier mix. They have opened her heart to so much love and empathy that she cannot imagine a life without animals in it. She loves the bond that she shares with her dogs and hopes to help other people develop the same bond and connection with animals. She is a firm believer that animals bring joy to every aspect of life and is dedicated to helping end homelessness for animals.

Kelly Fedderson

Kelly Fedderson, Secretary/Board Director

“I believe that when you open your home and heart to a senior or special needs companion, you get back more love and life perspective than you could ever image. I know that all pets can find their forever homes. Sometimes it just takes a little extra effort to help these special animals connect with their perfect people.”

Kelly is a program manager at a local nonprofit, where she advises and trains community leaders on stakeholder engagement, event planning, effective outreach strategies, grant writing, coalition building, and issue advocacy. Kelly has been passionate about animals from an early age. One of her first words was dog, she first attempted to go vegetarian at age 7, and devoted many childhood birthdays to fundraising for the Oregon Humane Society. Since then, she has done community organizing on food sustainability including veganism, worked to rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned wildlife, and helped to organize Best Friends Animal Society’s annual Strut Your Mutt fundraising event in Portland. Her best friend is her 17 year old mutt named April.

Callie Attanasio

Callie Attanasio, Treasurer

“I believe that every hard to place animal has the potential to be someone’s best friend.”

Callie is a CPA/auditor at a public accounting firm where she has become a spreadsheet wizard. Her love for animals started when she was growing up surrounded by dogs/goats/horses/cats/birds and now she can’t imagine a life without animals. She loves to travel and has been to over 20 countries and counting. When she’s not traveling, she can be found walking dogs at the Oregon Humane Society or fostering various animals (most recently a blind kitten). She helped to organize Best Friends Animal Society’s annual Portland Strut Your Mutt fundraising event and is a small business owner. She currently has a deaf, senior rescue mutt who sleeps all day and an ever changing assortment of foster animals.

Julie Honse

Julie Honse, Advisory Board Chair

“I believe that in this nation of animal lovers, there is a home for every animal in need of one--regardless of age, health or behavioral considerations--that someone is out there for them. I know we can help bring them together and maybe along the way, change some hearts and minds about the way an animal can be imperfectly perfect.”

Julie was born and raised in Portland, OR, and after graduating with a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon, she promptly changed career tracks and became an event manager in non-profit and corporate events. As the Senior Manager of the National Events Department for Best Friends Animal Society, she gets to put her event planning chops to work specifically to help homeless cats and dogs across the US. Julie grew up with with dogs, but was not exposed to the world of animal shelters and animal welfare until 1998, when she adopted her first kitten from the Oregon Humane Society. It was kismet from that day on, where she became a volunteer, took on a leadership role helping to train new volunteers and developed and implemented volunteer-run animal programs. Eventually she joined forces with several other shelters and rescue groups in the Portland Metro area to lend them a hand. Along the way, she ended up with a houseful of animals, which currently includes two pit bull like dogs, a beagle/border collie mix, a golden retriever mix and a true Heinz 57 mixed breed, along with two cats and until she recently passed, a house chicken, all living happily together.

Jamie Lawrence

Jamie Lawrence, Board Advisor

"I believe every animal deserves a loving home that provides safety and security, reflective of their individual needs. Together, we can be the voice for those that need it the most to help them find that home."

Jamie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and co-owner of Sit Stay Fit, a dog training company in Portland. Her love of animals and training came at an early age growing up in a house full of cats, birds, and rodents as well as her family Newfoundland who she took to earn his Canadian Draft Dog Title at age 10. Her training passion lies in helping puppies build a solid foundation of socialization & skills and in working with reactive or fearful dogs. She currently lives with her five rescue dogs and a cat, and is excited to help some of our harder to place animals find the loving homes they deserve.

Nicole Jergovic

Nicole Jergovic, Board Advisor

"I believe that we can make a huge difference in our society by being a voice for the most vulnerable members of our animal community. I know that we can find homes for these underdog animals."

Nicole is a lawyer who has spent most of her career as a prosecuting attorney, providing a voice for the most vulnerable members of our community. Nicole began volunteering at an animal shelter while in law school and she has continued to volunteer with an array of animal shelters and rescues since 1999. Over the years, she has opened her heart and home to a variety of shelter dogs.