Nickname: The Sherminator
Age: 6 years

Shelter Location:

Wagging Dog Rescue
Box 130925
Carlsbad, CA 92013
phone: 310-853-0757
Available Since: January 1, 2013
Tags: Behavioral Issue(s)


My name is Sherman, you know after the tank?! Although I may resemble one, I’m a gentle giant. I’ve been told that I’m bomb proof (pun-intended) around humans of any size. In fact, I LOVE humans so much that I have anxiety when they leave me at home. When my first family adopted me they didn’t help ease my anxiety and I ended up back with Wagging Dog Rescue. Since then I’ve been working so hard and making lots of progress.

I am working on my crate skills and I’ve made a ton of doggie friends! (A ton, hehe, I crack myself up). I keep trying really hard to remain calm when people are gone but I have to admit, it’s hard for me. I’ve heard my foster parents say I have a stubborn streak as wide as my forehead, which apparently is pretty wide.

It’s important that my new family understands all this so that they can be VERY patient with me. I promise, I’m worth it. At least that’s what the people at Wagging Dog Rescue say, apparently I have my own fan club of volunteers. My forever family will need to listen to my foster mom because she’s helped me SO much (and she’s a professional dog trainer so she’s really smart).

I really like having a mellow dog sibling to hang out with, this helps me stay calm when my people aren’t around. Although I think cats are OK, I don’t think I’d want to live with one.

To know me is to love me so I hope I get to meet my forever family in Southern California soon.

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